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You're Lion
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He Ain't Lion
Celia Kyle
Touched by Fire (The Sentinel, #2)
Catherine Spangler
Catherine Spangler
Susan A. Bliler
Big Flight
Zenina Masters
Misenchanted Shifter
Zenina Masters
Lost Roar
Zenina Masters
S.H.I.E.L.D Volume 1
Marvel Comics
Demon Slave
Kiersten Fay

Shielder (Shielder, #1)

Shielder - A Science Fiction Romance (Book 1, Shielder Series) - Catherine Spangler
Leonessa dan Ranul; a 22 year old Shielder woman, who seeks the approval of her people. Abandoned and outcast at the age of 12 because of a medical condition that shows itself in seizures, she lived for the last 10 years on her own in a cot next to her city. On top of that she is disfigured by a severe leg injury that left her with a limb. Her only visitor in all that time was her brother.
A deathly virus threatens the Shielder people and she volunteers for a dangerous mission to save her people, which involves an injection with the virus and 4 weeks to get to secret lab on another planet in hope to develop an antidote. If she fails it’s her death sentence.

Shadower Captain Chase McKnight; a gruff, harsh and grumpy man with an mysterious past and only one thing on his mind: vengeance. He’s a bounty hunter and on his way to catch the really bad dudes. And he is supposed to be her enemy.
On his way to earn another bounty he receives Nessa’s distress signal after her spaceship crashed and reluctantly decides to take her with him after she tells him she’s a pilgrim on her way to religious festivities. He promises to get her to a spaceport, which is in the vicinity to the planet with the religious festivities and the planet with the lab.

Since she can’t tell him the real reason for her journey and the urgency to get to her destination in time and his reluctance to make a beeline for the spaceport, they are bound for a whole lot of trouble, misunderstandings, developing feelings and other complications. (I especially loved the fun Nessa’s pet brought on board. Specifically that one time when they thought it was dead and he tried to replace it. He totally missed that these pets bind to the first person that touches them, which proved to be a problem, since he was allergic to them.)

I also liked the interactions with Sabin. He also kept secrets from his friend Chase. At first he was kinda hostile against Nessa but I thought after a while that he might be a case of tough on the outside, soft on the inside, same as Chase, because he kept her secrets and kind of supported her.

I loved this book and how the author slowly developed the bond between the two main characters. I loved the back and forth created by both their secrets but eventually everything worked out fine.
What I disliked a bit was that at the end, after the virus breaks out in Nessa, everything felt rushed. Granted we get to know Chase’s past but how they were able to cure her case of Orana and how they developed the antidote is handled within a few pages. Could have been handled better.
I also disliked her visiting her colony and parents again with Chase and the children to see if they approved of her success. That simply rubbed me the wrong way.

I would recommend it to people who like science fiction with a good romance ark, fantastic world building and a whole lot of aventures and action.


Hell & High Water (THIRDS Book 1)

Hell & High Water (THIRDS Book 1) - Charlie Cochet
I stumbled upon this series a few days ago and it sounded like I would like it, so I immediately got me the first book.
I half expected just to get some men and women in uniform, shapeshifters, a brewing struggle between human and shapeshifters and some romance, a setup that worked well for me in several other books I read so far, but I got more.

Let me elaborate:
The world Charlie Cochet created is one where shapeshifters (aka Therians) were created by accident by humans in the 70ies when biological warfare in the Vietnam War released a virus which later required development of an antidote. This antidote created the shapeshifter mutations.
To cope with that, the government created a Therian government called THIRDS (aka Therian Human Intelligence, Recon, Defence Squadron).
The counterpart for the human population is the HPF (aka Human Police Force).

The story starts with human homicide detective Dexter J. Daley’s testimony against his former partner after him witnessing him committing cold blooded murder. This leads to Dex being treated like an outcast and as a traitor of his precinct in the HPF and human race, since the victim was a young Therian.
Eventually he loses his job but he gets sort of promoted to be an agent with the THIRDS because his dad is a sergeant there. Therians clearly don’t have a problem with family members working together.
Agent Sloane Brodie is a jaguar Therian and Dex’s new team leader and partner. He previously lost his partner and rejected all other potential candidates so far. He and the rest of the team fully intended to do the same with Dex because they were all still grieving. All while they had to solve a case of murders of Therians.
But well Dex is Dex …. He somehow managed to find his place in the team and the heart of Sloane and the process of it was somewhat funny as hell. Dex is a dork. A huge ABBA singing dork.
I loved Dex’s banter with Sloane.

Sloane turned, arching an eyebrow at Dex.
“What kind of gay man are you?” Dex thrust a finger toward the door.
“Out of my house. Your kind isn’t welcome here.”

“You seem to forget where you are. You’re in Casa de Dex, and in Casa de Dex is much singing.”

“You gotta stop doing that!”
“Doing what?”
“That popping-up-outta-nowhere thing you do.”
Sloane’s brows rose in amusement. “ I use doors like everyone else.”

“Are these,”-Sloane peered at the wrapping paper-“stripping Santas?”
Dex wiggled his brows, “In thongs. Pole dancing.”
“Sometimes I worry about you.” Sloane shook his head, before tearing through the paper.

I also loved the banter between Dex and his team mate Ash. So funny.

Ash rushed forward, and Dex aimed his rifle.
“I swear I will send your hairy ass back to Narnia if you don’t back the fuck up,” Dex warned him, releasing the safety on his rifle.

Oh god, he was about to get a hard-on at work, and the bastard (Sloane) that was the cause of it was loving every moment of it.
Think unsexy thoughts. Think unsexy thoughts.
Ash’s growl echoed through the showers. “What are you two gay boys doing in there?”
Aaand done.

I loved the writing style of this author. This was my first book of hers, but I’m already set on reading the second book in this series.
She created an interesting world and I hope she writes more about the development of the Therians in the future instalments.
The way she developed the team dynamics and their banter was beautiful and just perfect.
I also liked that in this world the main problem was the hate of some humans against the Therians and not skin colour or a different sexuality.
It was also refreshing to read a shifter novel without them acting like sex starved idiots in a frenzy.

But there were also some parts I didn’t like that much.
The mystery came a bit short for my liking and felt rushed in the end because the development of Dex’s and Sloane’s relationship took a huge part of the book. It also was kind of obvious after a certain point. This could have been done better.
I also thought that Dex at the beginning was vastly different from the Dex who started at THIRDS. He went from depressed and frustrated to an always funny and happy dork in no time. However I like the Dex at THIRDS better.

I would recommend this book and I’m going to continue the series not just because of the cliffhanger , but also because I want to know how the relationship between Dex and Sloane continues. I also want to know more about the rest of the team.


Strong Signal - Megan Erickson, Santino Hassell
Holy crap this was amazing!!!

I read it in 3,5 hrs straight because it was entertaining as hell.... and funny... and sweet ... and hot as fuck. Gosh these two were a match made in heaven. I fell in love with both of them.

26 year old Garrett is stationed in Afghanistan and working as a mechanic. He's frustrated and lonely and can't wait for his deployment to end. To kill time and because he doesn't do well with people he plays online games. He is gay and still mostly in the closet. He hasn't had a happy and caring relationship yet and he somewhat longs for it, but in his current situation this is impossible.

The other H is 25 yr old Kai; a gay ex-dancer and gamer with social anxiety. Due to this condition he hasn't left his appartment for more than a couple times in the last few years. Thank good for delivery services, right?

As already said he's an avid gamer and started his own Twitch channel and accumulated a huge fan base over the years which enabled him to earn his livelihood with it.

It all starts with Kai (aka Samwise) killing Garrett's character, aka Hazzard, in a session of FWO and dancing on the corpse afterwards.
Garrett is royaly pissed about this (to which I as a gamer myself can totally relate) and sort of starts 'stalking' Samwise (aka Kai) to get to know what equip he's wearing and who the gamer is and how he might be able to get even.
In this process he finds his Twitch channel and after 2 weeks of silent observation (and stalking) he sends Kai an email and they start a long exchange which eventually leads to a sort of online friendship.
This turns into long conversations in Gchat and finally Skype. And oh boy are these hot and steamy skype sessions. :D

After his deployment Garrett decides to surprise Kai and goes to his apartment which doesn't end like he thought it would. I only say; anxiety is a bitch as well as other real life complications. But a tiny little red panda solves the first hurdle. ;)

But eventually they both sort everything out.

I can honestly say that I loved everything of this book; the characters, the story and the writing.



Christmas Goose

Christmas Goose - Zenina Masters .


Threnody - Kirk Withrow Loved this book and I can't wait to read a sequel.

35 Miles from Shore: The Ditching and Rescue of ALM Flight 980

35 Miles from Shore: The Ditching and Rescue of ALM Flight 980 - Emilio III Corsetti I guess it was a good researched book, well as good and detailed it can be with the flight data recorder still on the bottom of the sea. I still wonder if they are going to lift it one day.
I'm still not compelled to give the book more than 3 stars. For me I thought it was a bit too much focused on the company itself that owned the plane I'm more into technical stuff and the plane/crash itself as well as the following investigations (which came too short too). However I would recommend reading it if interessted in air crash investigations and rescues. And because it was a ditching in the open sea which is very rare.

What surprised me was the total blame on the pilot. Yes he may have made mistakes but in retrospect how was he supposed to do everything correctly under the given conditions presented by the airline/company? They all knew it was a fuel critical flight and the DC-9 wasn't equipped with an extra fuel tank yet and to make it all worse the fuel indicator wasn't working properly. Very easy for the company to blame the pilot, without taking responsibility for not taking proper precautions for such a long flight with an airplane whose fueltank wasn't fitted for that distance.


Limit - Frank Schätzing Because there is no "did not finish" option and this book was on my CR-shelf for far too long I'm going to mark it as finished simply to get it out of my eyes. It is sooooo freaking boring - unbelievable - I was a big fan of Frank Schätzing till this book came out but sadly this is not for me. I got the impression that he uses 10 sentences to describe/explain/tell one simple thing and on top of that he writes too much about stuff in the background of the story that said story gets lost and the reader gets lulled to sleep. I'm so sorry but I had to stop after the half, couldn't take it anymore.


Claimed - Evangeline Anderson Interesting story and setting but the heroine was so god damn annoying it was awfull.

Midnight Eyes

Midnight Eyes - Sarah Brophy I liked this book a lot but I'll give only 4 stars because there was a part in this book were I wanted to smack the heroine right im the face .... with said book. Based on her past with her brother how could she believe him again?? Ugghh made me angry.

The Edge of Courage

The Edge of Courage - Elaine Levine OMG this book is perfect! Loved the lovestory, the action & the whole team let alone to imagine them all in one room together - droolworthy!! Can't wait to read the other books of this series especially Kits & Kelans storys.

Deadly Strain

Deadly Strain - Julie Rowe Holy crap. This is going to be one of the favs of 2015. Loved the hero/heroine, the team, the story, the action and everything else. To put it simple: Just my kind of book. Can't wait for the sequel.

The Empress' New Clothes (Trade Paperback Erotic Romance)

The Empress' New Clothes (Trade Paperback Erotic Romance) - Jaid Black Can't finish this book. It's ridiculous. Laying eggs as a Earth woman just because she had sex with a man from a different planet. There's no story whatsoever just banging every male that's crossing her sight. Oo Heavens no. So not my thing.


Gator - Bijou Hunter Interesting plot idea but in my opinion the book should have been much longer. It lacked in depths and therefore leads to fast conclusions to some readers that don't do the general idea justice.

From Here to Texas

From Here to Texas - Stella Bagwell .

Als die Welt zum Stillstand kam

Als die Welt zum Stillstand kam - Gabi Neumayer Doofes unbefriedigendes Ende aber die Idee mit den Toren is klasse.

Have You Seen Her? (book #2)

Have You Seen Her? (book #2) - Karen Rose Loved this book. But there were a few times I wanted to hit Stevens head. With a brick. Full force. Men!