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Holy crap this was amazing!!!

I read it in 3,5 hrs straight because it was entertaining as hell.... and funny... and sweet ... and hot as fuck. Gosh these two were a match made in heaven. I fell in love with both of them.

26 year old Garrett is stationed in Afghanistan and working as a mechanic. He's frustrated and lonely and can't wait for his deployment to end. To kill time and because he doesn't do well with people he plays online games. He is gay and still mostly in the closet. He hasn't had a happy and caring relationship yet and he somewhat longs for it, but in his current situation this is impossible.

The other H is 25 yr old Kai; a gay ex-dancer and gamer with social anxiety. Due to this condition he hasn't left his appartment for more than a couple times in the last few years. Thank good for delivery services, right?

As already said he's an avid gamer and started his own Twitch channel and accumulated a huge fan base over the years which enabled him to earn his livelihood with it.

It all starts with Kai (aka Samwise) killing Garrett's character, aka Hazzard, in a session of FWO and dancing on the corpse afterwards.
Garrett is royaly pissed about this (to which I as a gamer myself can totally relate) and sort of starts 'stalking' Samwise (aka Kai) to get to know what equip he's wearing and who the gamer is and how he might be able to get even.
In this process he finds his Twitch channel and after 2 weeks of silent observation (and stalking) he sends Kai an email and they start a long exchange which eventually leads to a sort of online friendship.
This turns into long conversations in Gchat and finally Skype. And oh boy are these hot and steamy skype sessions. :D

After his deployment Garrett decides to surprise Kai and goes to his apartment which doesn't end like he thought it would. I only say; anxiety is a bitch as well as other real life complications. But a tiny little red panda solves the first hurdle. ;)

But eventually they both sort everything out.

I can honestly say that I loved everything of this book; the characters, the story and the writing.